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My Taiwan Itinerary December 2011 and June 2013

Kenting would be my top pick if I can ride a bike and the waves

I love Taiwan, it's easy to see how much. I've been there twice for almost 30 days.  It's safe, easy to get around, has the mountains, the seas, the hotsprings, the food, and all the perks of modern living.  By virtue of its geographical location on the Pacific Ring of Fire at the edge of the Philippine Sea Plate, it is susceptible to earthquakes, but this also results in seismic activity that give rise to the many geographical features of the island.

I would recommend it as a good place of travel for any solo female traveler, though it will be much, much easier for you if you can speak Mandarin (and Hokkien) and read Chinese characters. The winters can be quite cold if you are ill-prepared, but much better than the hot summers or wet monsoons. Taiwan was under Japanese rule for some time, so some traces linger - such as the giant department stores, the service and the love for hotsprings.

My personal top picks (there are many, many factors involved in deciding on these, the company and the unique experiences, which you might not be able to replicate, make a big difference):

My December 2011 is fully complete and compiled below. (My writing and photography style is constantly changing.) I will start on my June 2013 trip soon and will update the links when I do.

Click link and pictures to link to the posts.

December 2011 

6 December 2011_cool_Taipei

7 December 2011_cool_Hualien

Taiwan Day 2 - Hualien, Day 1: 

8 December 2011_cool_Hualien

Taiwan Day 3 - Hualien, Day 2: 

9 December 2011_cold_Jiufen

Taiwan Day 4 - Jiufen: 

10-11 December 2011_cool_Taipei

Taiwan Day 5 - Taipei, Day 2: 

12 December 2011_cool 

13 December 2011_cool_Puli

Taiwan Day 7 - Puli, Day 1: 

14 December 2011_cool_Nantou

Taiwan Day 8 - Puli, Day 2: 

15 December 2011_cool_Kaoshiung

Taiwan Day 9 - Kaoshiung, Day 1: 

16 December 2011_cool_Kaoshiung

17 December 2011_cool_Hengchun

Hengchun, Taiwan - Kenting
Hengchun, Taiwan - Kenting

Taiwan Day 10 - Kenting: 

19/20 December 2011_cool 

cheap and long train ride

21 December 2011_cool_Taipei

Taiwan Day 13 - Taipei, Day 3: 

22 December 2011_cool_Taipei

Taiwan Day 14 - Taipei, Day 4: 

23 December 2011_cold_Taipei

Taiwan Day 15 - Taipei, Day 5: 
Yangmingshan *Same post as Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Beitou Hotsprings*Same post as Wulai

24 December 2011_cool

Taiwan Day 16 - Taipei, Day 6: 

June 2013

14 June 2013_hot


Taiwan Day 1 - Taipei, Day 1:

15 June 2013_hot

Taiwan Day 2 - Pingxi Line Daytrip:
Huashan Market (for Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿)
Back to Taipei
Shilin Night Market

16 June 2013_cool

Cingjing Farm by bus

17 June 2013_hot

Taiwan Day 4 - Taichung:

18 June 2013_cold



Taiwan Day 5 - Alishan, Day 1:

19 June 2013_cool and hot

Taiwan Day 6 - Alishan, Day 2, Kaoshiung, Day 1:
Dream Mall
Ruohe Night Market

20 June_hot

Taiwan Day 7 - Kaoshiung, Day 2:
Rueifang Night Market

21 June_hot

Taiwan Day 8 - Taipei, Day 2:

22 June_hot

Taiwan Day 9 - Taipei, Day 3:

*Food and Shopping not included

I hope this guide is useful for you when planning your trip and you'd enjoy Taiwan as much as I did.

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