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My South Korea Itinerary May 2009 and December 2013

When deciding on our first family trip, we decided on Korea, why? Because we don't speak Korea, so a guide will prove very useful. But South Korea is definitely a place you can explore free and easy, without being able to speak much Korean. Although the people on the streets will generally wave you away if you ask them for directions, especially in English, the signs and subway are easy to navigate, and knowing Mandarin helps.

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On our first trip to South Korea

May 2009

Day 1

South Korea - Day 1 

Flight from Singapore to South Korea (I think I stopped taking photos on the plane after this trip), with a transit in Hong Kong

Day 2

Seoul, South Korea - Blue Palace 

Seoul, South Korea - Gyeongbok Palace 

Seoul, South Korea - Folk Museum and beyond

Seoul, South Korea - Lotte World 

Blue House (Presidential ‘Palace’, Korean equivalent of the White House) -> Gyeongbok Palace + Folk Museum -> Kimchi + Hanbok -> Dongdaemun Market -> Lotte World (even before dark)

Day 3

South Korea - Everland 1 

South Korea - Everland 2 

Day 4

South Korea - Yongpyong 

South Korea - Seroksan 

Serok Waterpia

Day 5

Seoul, South Korea - Namsan, Seoul  

Namsan, Myeongdong, Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun Market

Day 6-7

Hong Kong May 2009 
Hong Kong May 2009

Hong Kong 2 May 2009 
Hong Kong 2 May 2009

Hijack the post a little, to share on Hong Kong (mostly food!)

December 2013 

Day 1

Seoul, South Korea: Changgyeonggung in Winter 

Seoul, South Korea: Changdeokgung in Winter 

Changgyeonggung (snow started falling when I was walking to the next palace! ARGH)

Day 2

Seoul, South Korea: Gyeongbokgung in Winter 

Seoul, South Korea: Around Gyeongbokgung - National Palace Museum of Korea and Gwanghwamun Plaza 

Camp Kim USO (Sangakji Station) to get JSA/DMZ tickets
Dragon Hill Spa at Yongsan

Day 3

South Korea: Shopping *Kaching* and Eating *Burp* 



Ewha Women’s University Fashion Street
Hongdae Happy Day Spa (Overnight)

Day 4

Bongeunsa Temple

Day 5

Busan, South Korea: Gamcheon Cultural Village Part 1 

Busan, South Korea: Gamcheon Cultural Village Part 2 

Busan, South Korea: Beomeosa Temple 

Train to Busan
Gamcheon Cultural Village Part 1 and Part 2

Shinsegae Centum City Department Store (the largest shopping complex in the world)
Haeundae Spa (Overnight)

Day 6
Train to Seoul

Day 7

Seoul, South Korea: DMZ/JSA & Third Tunnel Day Tour 

Siloam Spa (at Seoul Station)

South Korea 2013: In Closing 

I hope this guide is useful for you when planning your trip and you'd enjoy South Korea as much as I did.

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