Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Collection: China and Hong Kong

This is a collection of posts on China (Hangzhou, An Hui (Huangshan), Shanghai and Beijing, June 2011) and Hong Kong (3 times too few).

I expected China to be cheap (having gone to a slew of SE Asia countries before that), but it was costlier than I expected and prepared for. I have a soft spot for handmade stuff, and I like to do my part to support the handicraft trade. I think I pushed myself pretty hard for this trip comfort-wise, and I have learnt to be kinder to myself since (no more hard seat train from Shanghai to Beijing, no more buying more than my shoulders can bear).

Hong Kong was the first place I visited with my friend, fresh out of Junior College. Then there was the stopover on return from South Korea to Singapore. And the most recent (not that recent, really) was the trip I redeemed with mileage points after my USA exchange, and I went over to Macau too. 
I do think 3 times is too many, but I'm always tempted to visit Hong Kong again.

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Here's our China itinerary.

Day 1 - Hangzhou (includes West Lake and tons of food)

Hangzhou, China: West Lake
For Hong Kong there is no itinerary per se, but a collection of posts from the Pearl of the Orient. A pretty timeless collection I must say:

A mix of sights, food and wandering

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